Loose leaf tea

Peach Fruit Tea ( one teaspoon for a cup)

Benefits of drinking peach fruit tea:
– it riches in iron and vitamin A,C,K
– it helps keep your heart healthy with vitamin K prevent blood clotting
– iron is formation of red blood cells
– it contain very high levels of vitamin C which is great for your skin
– powerful antioxidant that slow down ageing, reduce wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and blemishes
– tightens the skin’s pores and rejuvenates a tired skin

Purple Rose Tea (5 – 8 flowers for a cup)

Health benefits of consuming purple rose tea
– the roses are rich in vitamin A,B,C,E,K
– calms and relieves stress
– eliminates fatigue
– promotes blood circulation
– aids in detox
– it great for the skin ( anti- wrinkle)
It will leads to general good health

Dried Lemon Verbena Tea (5-6 leaves for a cup)

Lemon verbena leaves provide a number of protective benefits because of verbena’s antioxidant content.
– aids in weight loss
– boosts immune system
– helps to regulate appetite
– effective in treating respiratory congestion
– reduces joint pain
– helps in reducing fever
– relieves stomach issues
– beneficial in developing muscle mass

Health benefits of Globe Amaranth Tea
– cool body heat
– eliminate toxicant
– prevent aging
– skin whitening
– improve metabolism rate
– boost immune system

Serving size: one (1) Packet
Serving per container: 8

Health benefit of Butterfly Pea Tea:
– antioxidant
– improve vision
– improve blood circulation
– refresh brain activity
– reduce blood pressure
– boost immune system
– prevent anti aging
– improve skin
– improve hair health

Serving size: one (1) Packet
Serving per container: 8

Apple Flower Tea

Health benefits of the Apple Flower Tea:

– nourish and beauty skin
– ease nerves
– improve digestive
– remove excess fat
– moisten lung
– remove body heat
– sober up

Serving size: one (1) Packet
Serving per container: 8

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